A downloadable game for Windows

Veridia Tactics is a free 2D turn based tactical game. It has very simple graphics, but it aims to offer entertaining and challenging strategic battles.

Major features:

  • Turn based combat system
  • Build your team choosing from more than 80 units
  • More than 15 battlefields
  • Matches with up to 4 players
  • Play with your friends or against them both in local and over internet
  • Single player campaigns
  • Original setting
  • Moddable

In the release are included manuals that help understanding the gameplay and explain the controls. There's also a lore book containing informations on Veridia places and history.

Install instructions

Veridia Tactics needs Java 1.7 or higher in order to run!
If you can't save the game or the settings, run the program as administrator.


Veridia Tactics v1.07.zip 42 MB
Veridia Tactics v1.08.zip 42 MB
Veridia Tactics soundtrack.zip 24 MB